Sunday, May 22

The Band Of Waites



Dejan Ilijic – piano / Pete Judge – trumpet

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Dejan Ilijić, pianist with Serbian band EYOT and Pete Judge, trumpeter with UK bands Get The Blessing and Eyebrow; first met at a jazz festival in Ilijic’s hometown Niš in 2012, and have been fostering a long-distance collaboration ever since. As musicians, they share a lyricism and quiet intensity which build on Ilijic’s passion for the rhythms and modes of traditional Balkan music.

With their main projects, both musicians have toured substantially across Europe, Asia and North America, and have released highly acclaimed albums to a growing international fan-base. They have also worked individually on collaborations across the art-forms: in film, theatre, and dance.

Their new duo The Band Of Waites is named after the medieval musicians who were employed to perform in the city streets at night. The music on their debut album is a beguiling mix of genres, from contemporary jazz and neo-classical to ambient and film music, but always characterised by a shared musical vision and language: a bridge between like-minded souls.

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